What to Do If Your Partner Has an Attitude Problem

Does your partner or spouse have an attitude problem? When your partner has an attitude problem and do not feel the need for change, it becomes problematic in relationships, especially in marriages.

Growing Frustrations

You might be frustrated with the lack of follow through with your spouse or breaking promises. These Factors can slowly erode both emotional and physical intimacy in your relationship or marriage.

Such frustrations could be extreme if your spouse or partner reuses to seek counseling with you.

The are practices you can follow when faced with a partner or spouse with a serious behaviour( gambling, excessive drinking, spends too much money, has a very negative attitude, can’t keep a job, etc. ) has the potential to destroy your relationship or marriage.

Although it is difficult to cope with this situation in either in a courtship or marriage there are ways to cope with a difficult marriage when only one of you wants change.

It is not a easy task

  • There are no easy answers when your spouse is blind to reasoning of change or change in marriage. Only some situations can be dealt with,. Others are to move on.
  • Only you know what you can tolerate and stay emotionally healthy yourself.

Remember: Abusive situations are not wise to stay in, where you and your children is endangered.

You can’t change your spouse

  • there’s no way you can change your spouse. There’s only one person you can change. You! You can only change yourself and your reactions. Changing your own behaviour may encourage your spouse to make changes.
  • Handle difficult situations with a different approach. For instance, if you had the same argument over and over, clearly state that you will not rehash the issue and leave the room, as this will make matters worst.

Examining Yourself

  • Get to know yourself. Examine your own attitudes, behaviour etc. Ask yourself how long you can stay in your marriage, if it don’t improve. Seek personal counseling as it can prevent depression and helplessness, to understand your role of the conflict in your marriage.and to gain clarity for your future plans.
  • Make decisions on which of your spouse’s negative behaviours you can tolerate and which ones you can’t deal with at all. Ask yourself, are you able to adjust to the irritating and hurtful situations in you marriage or not.

Facing the issues

  • Realize that your spouse may not be frustrated and unhappy as you are.
  • Be open. While sharing your love for your spouse, express your concerns and fears about the future of your marriage. If you are having doubts about your love, make a list of what you love about your partner.